samedi 27 avril 2013

Best vampire novels

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I've always loved good vampire books and urban fantasy novels. That's why I decided to write a story packed with blood, action, twists and passion! I'm really happy with my sales so far and thank all my readers for buying the book. It was one of the top 10 vampire books on amazon during its promotional phase! Now my goal is to write more vampire ebooks...

mardi 2 avril 2013

New novel: Vampires of Arizona

Buy the novel on Amazon (ebook$1.14)

Say hello to Jessica, a medical student living in a town lost in the desert of Arizona. Like most girls her age, Jessica loves to have fun with her friends and flirt with guys. But she must also protect her community from bloodthirsty vampires...

Some ghouls in disguise have managed to infiltrate the town, and everybody is paranoid now...


A dark shadow appeared out of nowhere next to the soldier. He loosened his grip on my hair and a warm, sticky liquid splashed my face. The jarhead's blood had gushed from his throat like a scarlet geyser, his sunglasses had fallen off his nose, and his bulging lifeless eyes were staring at me without seeing me anymore.

The soldier instinctively grabbed his neck to stop the bleeding, but it was the last, futile gesture of a dead man. I trembled like a leaf, paralyzed by fear and hypnotized by this horrible scene. The shadow turned into a young slender woman with short red hair, who held the soldier to feast on his blood. She wore a black lacy tank top and Capri pants, and her natural elegance contrasted strongly with the grisly act she was committing.

Behind her, another vampire was finishing off the three soldiers who tried to rescue their partner. They had been annihilated before they had time to pull the trigger. I could distinguish their killer’s features now. He was young, muscular and tanned, and his thick, blonde wavy hair shone in the golden sunset.